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Report Says Ethereum Is Trading Well Below Fair Value, What’s The Correct Figure?

Ethereum’s price may have been dealt a massive blow as a research report on the Ethereum valuation has revealed that the cryptocurrency giant has been trading below its fair price. Ethereum Trading Value Slips A new on-chain research report has delved deep into the fair value of the Ethereum cryptocurrency since its inception, segregating the cryptocurrency’s value into sections and utilizing its trading activities and active addresses to evaluate the network’s worth over the past […]

Wall Street Sees Blockchain Technology as a Game-Changer

Wall Street is placing a lot of hope on blockchain technology to streamline asset trading. Analysts predict that $5 trillion worth of assets could be tokenized on blockchains by 2030. However, stringent market regulations and the SEC’s reputation for being leery of cryptocurrencies could put a brake on the financial sector’s ambitions. According to a […]

“Paper BTC” Is Counteracting A Bullish Bitcoin Supply Shock, Analyst Explains

An analyst has explained how the growth in “paper BTC” could be counteracting a bullish Bitcoin supply shock from taking effect. Liquid Bitcoin Supply Has Dropped, But Paper BTC Is Still At Significant Levels In a new post on X, analyst Willy Woo shared insight into how the paper BTC compares against the real BTC being traded. According to the analyst, “paper BTC” refers to the combined futures open interest value. Here is a chart that shows the trend in the ratio […]

Bitcoin Reserves On Exchanges Approaching A 6-Year Low, Good For Price?

Bitcoin (BTC) held by leading crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken are near a six-year low, CryptoQuant data on September 20 reveals. The contraction was recorded when the broader market steadied after posting sharp losses in the better part of August and the first half of September. As of September 20, BTC prices are still below $30,000, but with important sideways movement over the past few weeks.  Bitcoin Reserves On Exchanges Falling  According to trackers, exchanges […]

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