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6 Weeks After Launching, Base Layer-2 Bridge Is Processing More Transactions Than Arbitrum

Roughly six weeks after Base, the layer-2 scaling solution backed by Coinbase, was launched, its bridge is now the seventh most active, looking at transaction count. DeFiLlama data on September 21 reveals that the Ethereum-Base bridge had posted 2090 transactions. This is more than those registered by the Ethereum—Arbitrum and Polygon zkEVM bridges, which had 1,642 and […]

Ernest & Young Official Backs Ethereum, Thinks Private Chains Don’t Stand A Chance

Paul Brody, a Blockchain Lead at Ernest & Young, one of the top four global auditors, thinks private blockchains don’t stand if more protocols are built on public networks, especially Ethereum. Brody tweeted his opinion on the speeches at the Real World Summit. Brody believes that big banks building or exploring private chains like R3 Corda […]

Gensler says U.S. government shutdown would reduce SEC to skeleton crew

Gary Gensler, chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), told Bloomberg on Sept. 20 that a government shutdown could hinder his agency. Other reports indicate that the U.S. government could shut down on Oct. 1 as members may not pass the bills needed to fund operations before the next fiscal year. Gensler commented […]

Report Says Ethereum Is Trading Well Below Fair Value, What’s The Correct Figure?

Ethereum’s price may have been dealt a massive blow as a research report on the Ethereum valuation has revealed that the cryptocurrency giant has been trading below its fair price. Ethereum Trading Value Slips A new on-chain research report has delved deep into the fair value of the Ethereum cryptocurrency since its inception, segregating the cryptocurrency’s value into sections and utilizing its trading activities and active addresses to evaluate the network’s worth over the past […]

Ethereum Layer-2s Witnessing Surge in Specialization as Key Protocols Carve Out Unique Paths: IntoTheBlock

Analytics firm IntoTheBlock says that major Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 (L2) protocols are evolving and finding their respective niche. IntoTheBlock says that Ethereum-scaling solutions Base, Arbitrum (ARB) and Optimism (OP) are carving out their own paths and creating a “robust and diverse ecosystem.” Looking at Base first, the analytics firm says that Coinbase’s new layer-2 protocol […]

Algorand (ALGO) May Have A Chance At A Bullish Streak – Here’s How

Algorand (ALGO) has recently announced significant changes to its protocol that are set to reshape the future of the blockchain network. These developments are aimed at increasing decentralization and fostering consensus among participants, signaling a bold step forward for the project. One of the most striking revelations in Algorand’s recent announcement is the network’s transition from relays to a peer-to-peer (P2P) network approach. This fundamental shift represents a departure […]

Coinbase Says SEC Is Costing the US Millions of Jobs and Pushing Opportunities Offshore

Crypto exchange Coinbase says that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) enforcement-only approach is negatively impacting America. In a new blog post, Coinbase says that “while the majority of the world’s economic powers are embracing a technology that can increase economic opportunity, the SEC’s regulation by enforcement-only approach is costing the US millions of […]

US Government Forces SIM Swapper To Forfeit Millions in Bitcoin (BTC) and a Sports Car: Report

A US federal court has reportedly ordered a SIM hijacker who allegedly stole crypto worth millions of dollars while in his teens seven years ago to surrender the proceeds of his crimes. According to a report from The San Francisco Standard, Ahmad Wagaafe Hared stole digital assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), from cryptocurrency executives and investors […]

FTX court filing reveals $7B in assets as firm aims to complete bankruptcy process by second quarter 2024

FTX is eyeing the completion of its bankruptcy process for the second quarter of next year, according to its Sept. 11 court filings. As per the filing, the firm is currently involved with ongoing negotiations and mediation with stakeholders over the coming months to resolve open plan issues involving its bankruptcy plans. FTX also revealed […]

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